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Aluminum CJ Cylinder heads
Cylinder heads: casting numbers,
application data, descriptions
Edelbrock RPM # 6067
Stats & pics
240 CFM  "E" RPM  exhaust "Ported"
Flow tested ports and numbers, early
Hooker super comps #6115
for 70/71 intermediates
Iron Cobra Jet heads.
D0OE-R with mild porting
'72 P.I. Castings. D2OE-AB
Porting guide: Iron D0VE castings
Porting guide: each mod flow tested 3-02
Tools list for home porting
This portion of the website was conceived to help get reliable and unbiased
information to those who wish to build big block ford 429/460 engines.
 The BBF engines are severely exhaust compromised and as such this site outlines how
to remedy this situation; by either porting or the use of  available  aftermarket cylinder
 With time, financial support and need,  the scope of this site will broaden.
 Submissions that will further this project are welcome and encouraaged. All
submissions will be given credit as to source.
 Great thanks is due the many people who frequent the 385 series forum at networks  THANXX guys !!
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Connecting rod comparison
204 cfm stock exit port. Less work
no floor filling This is cool.
Intake porting guide updated  12-02
A-429 aluminum CJ porting
guide pictorial
D3VE specific porting pictorial
My '70 Cyclone Spoiler 429 cu in.
400+ rwhp and counting...
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The information contained in the porting guides is evolutionary and is
posted as I learn about these castings. In order to get the latest
information please check out all of the porting guides and the information
contained in them. The  guide for the stock exit port is the most up to
date yet. New tips and information can come at any time. This note is
dated 12, 18, 02
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D0VE-C porting guide / notes
# 5
Distributor recurving
instructions. Ford Dura spark
Deck, check for milling guide "iron"
Intake manifold flow testing
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Kaase SCJ porting tips
"E" RPM CJ's porting tips
Iron CJ porting tips...
BBC cylinderhead comparo
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Thermactor boss plugging instructionss
Victor as cast on D0VE cylinder head
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