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Intake ports, port matched to
Felpro pass car intake gasket.
Can be ordered with a CJ port
match when necessary
. Flow rates
of 350+ cfm intake and 200+
exhaust are possible with D0VE-C
and earlier castings in stage lll
Budget small valve castings start at $1095.00 with 2 piece standard
replacement valves.

Large S/S Valves, springs, retainers, rocker studs and guide plates
available at additional cost. Completely ported stage 2 outfitted castings
usings good generic parts and
Sinus Induxtry S/S valves start at $1,625.00 exchange + shipping. Cost
will vary depending on valve springs needed for your cam choice. Early
castings are on an exchange basis. D3's are sold outright.

TFS Street
ported and fully assembled Street castings now available starting at

Ported cylinder heads are a quick way to add some serious
hp potential to your street terror or 4x4.
Fully assembled D0VE-C's with 2.19" / 1.76" S/S valves and
with comp cams valvetrain pieces
Ported D0VE-C castings are available fully
ported and assembled.
These pics are examples from work already done
and or sold. RHP D0VEs can support in excess
of 700 HP. This is dyno proven and not just BS...
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