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The early style casting are always in stock and available ported and outfitted for a
clients  specific needs.
With recent chamber improvements the small valve castings are running 350/200 max
flow and the large valve castings are running 365+/220 max, 230 with the 1.8"
exhaust valve. The intake flow numbers are with a standard entry. CJ and victor
entries higher.

There are significant improvements to mid lift flow from .400" to .600" lift. Right
where most combos need it most. The last dyno sheet pegged our D0VEs at
700 HP
with 34 degrees total timing.

The improved versions could well exceed this power level. This will give most
aftermarket street aluminum castings a real run for their money for a smaller
investment. Kaase SCJ's excepted
Also available! "The "kit"
You can now have delivered to your front door a pair of ported,
assembled, D0VE-C's (or any other iron castings I have available), a
recurved  and remanned dura spark distributor  and a custom ground
comp cams cam kit consisting of a cam, lifters, 3 key roller timing set,
matched springs, retainers, locks, guideplates, rocker studs and spring
Email me for a quote based on your specific HP. needs. This kit can be
delivered in many cases for less than a pair of complete, new aluminum
street castings.  Custom grinds are available using any available comp
cams lobe profile(s) with out the steep "custom" grind charges. Solid
roller tappet cam and ancillary components also available at additional
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An aluminum version of the D0VE cylinder head is now available. RHP has arranged
for dealer access to the TFS street castings.

Ported &ssembled castings with S/S 2.2"/1.75" valves, 5 angle intake seats, Comp cams spring package with
10* retainers and locks, studs and guideplates start at $2,200.00
Flow rates of 365/235 are typical.
Email me for a quote on your specific combo's needs.