For Sale
I keep a pair of D3VE-A2A's in the shop for stock
Due to the limited use these castings enjoy I will port them
on a "when ordered basis" Also available with stock valve
sizes for high torque applications.

The current pair of castings are cut for 2.19" intakes and
1.76" exhaust valves. They have been decked and have 3
angle seats of 30, 45, 60 and an 70 degree throat cut. 1/2"
guides installed.

Rocker pedestals are stock  slotted. These can be machined
for studs and guideplates for an additional $100.00.
Chambers are approximately 95cc's and can be decked
futher by request.

A conversion stud and guideplate kit is available from
Crane. It is good for cam lifts in the .550" range.

Bolt on roller rockers are available from Ford Motorsports.
They have shims for lifter preload adjustments.

With the many refinements added in the last year these
casting can support 650 to 700+ HP for your stroker
combo.This while helping to keep C/R reasonable.

Email with further questions
Flow figures of 350/185 to 370+/200 available.
Cost is comparable to D0VE's and starts at
$850.00 + shipping bare.
Fully outfitted castings available at additional cost.
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