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"Demo" port
Ship 1 cylinder head to our place of business.
For the cost of $249.95 + return shipping we will port one intake and exhaust port in any
style for "YOU" to copy to the remaining 7 after the casting is return shipped. Includes a
bench flow analysis of both ports. This also includes some work on the cross over port to
guide for best flow. For large valve Demo port work you must already have your valve
sizes roughed in and provide one intake and exhaust valve.
Port work is time consuming and consequently expensive.
Instead of offering small valve heads with full on port work we now do a budget oriented port job
that offers the full benefits of porting with out the unnecessary  polishing that takes so much  
additional time.
Large valve iron heads get the full treatment at stage 2
Stage 3 adds a victor or CJ match.
Aluminum street cylinder heads: "E" rpm and  A-429 aluminum CJ's,  Kaase P-51's & SCJ's, TFS cj's and
TFS street castings.
Stage 1 intake and exhaust    $550.00       (Bowl blend)
Stage 2 intake and exhaust    $850.00    360 cfm / 230 / 240 cfm, max
Stage 3 intake and exhaust    $ call        375+ cfm / 250 cfm  max (max effort porting) Final flow rates depend
                                                       casting type.
Iron ford cylinder head castings any casting number
Stage 1 intake and stage 2 exhaust   $700.00     320 cfm / 185 cfm   stock exit exhaust  stock valve sizes
Stage 2 intake and exhaust              $850.00     340 cfm / 200 cfm   stock exit exhaust   2.2" / 1.76" valve seats
Stage 3 intake and exhaust              $1050.00     355 cfm /  210+ cfm   open passage exhaust    2.2", 2.24" /
1.76", 1.8"  valve seats.
                            includes a victor match though with the advent of the TFS track heat intake only dommy
flange apps need the
                            the victor intake.

                                       Well worked iron CJ castings can approach 390 CFM for high RPM use

Castings should be sent cleaned and machined. They can be machined here at additional cost. Machine work
consisting of; hot tanking, decking, bronze guide liner, cutting for large valves and cutting spring seats is about
$350.00 from my machine shop.
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Full assembled D0VE-C's set up for full roller,
solid cam of .657" lift.
RHP big valve ported D0VE-C's
are now making a "dyno proven"
730 HP+ !!! with a single 4 barrel
In our continuing effort to provide the most accurate information
possible we will be updating the flow curves for our ported and as
cast castings in the street head family of castings

This is being done to allow more direct comparisons between my
bench and the super flow models used by other shops.

I want to strees that the HP potential of a given casting remains as
it has always been. It is just the raw numbers that will be updated
and refined.

An example would be:
Max D0VEs 350+ CFM
A-429's 360 CFM
BT's 380 CFM
RPMs 360 CFM
TFS street 370 CFM
Kaase SCJ's 390 CFM
Kaase P-51's 400+
Intake manifold porting services
Victor plenum port work. $200.00
Victor "D" port match to CJ  $100.00

Ported EFI OEM intakes available on an
exchange basis. Bead blasted and
ported.  $200.00 plus return shipping
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EFI 460 intake runner after porting