RHP        Re in"Car"nation High Performance
RHP has an 18 year business relationship with John and Scott
at Delta camshaft. They are a competition cams authorized
dealer and can custom grind a camshaft using any of the
1,000's of cam lobe profiles available. Cams can be ground on
new cores  or reground on a used cam core.
Cam & lifter kits, both hydraulic and solid flat tappet are
available as well as solid roller cam and lifter sets.
Because cam choice is so critical to proper engine operation
and performance, RHP requires a consultation prior to
ordering your cam kit.
Email inquiries to RHP and we can
follow up with a phone call if necessary.
All cam kits are direct shipped directly from our cam grinder.
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Solid Roller Cams
Same  induction hardened billets used by crane cams. RHP can
provide an off the shelf  or custom grind at no added cost. Cams
come double pinned from the supplier. Turn around is the same
for shelf and custom grinds.
cost is $
425.00 plus a small shipping charge. Email me for
details and a cam consultation
RHP has arranged to have available
the comp cams extreme energy
street solid rollers  with specs
exceeding the XR292R. Comp
doesn't offer these as  shelf grinds.
RHP will offer them with no
additional custom charges.

Now available is the XR298R
260/266 @ .05" .678"/.688" lift

266/272 @ .05" .688"/.698" lift

XR310 R
272/278 @ ..05" lift  .698"/.700+"

These grinds are great for big inch
strokers and are streetable with
appropriate maintenance just as the
XR292R is.
Hydraulic flat tappet cam and lifter kits are available starting at
89.95 plus shipping. Solid flat tappet cam and lifter kits are
99.95. All kits come with notched lifters for additional oiling to
the cam lobe and lifter crown interface. Kits come with
assembly grease.
The RHP version of the VooDoo
line of hydraulic lobes is now