Standard and S/S valves.
Standard replacement steel  and
stainless steel valves  available in
stock sizes only 2.08"/1.65"

$125.95 for a set of 8 intake and 8

Recommended only for stock rebuilds
utilizing mild spring pressures.
Stainless steel valves manufacturered
by sinus industries in Isreal. Supplier
of manley high performance street

Available in 2.19", 2.245", 2.250"
Available in 1.7450" exhaust

Suitable for all flat tappet cam shafts
and mild solid roller applications 6K
RPM and under

Cost is $199.00 for a set of 8 intakes
and 8 exhausts plus shipping

Ferrea 6000 series severe duty  stainless
steel valves. Great for solid roller
applications utilizing spring open
pressures up to 700 pounds. Also suitable
for roller cam marine applications. As
good or better than sever duty Manley
and Milodon megaflow.

2.19" and 2.25" intakes available  +.100"
stems available
1.71", 1.76" 1.8" and 1.8" tuliped
exhaust available.

From $305.00 a set of 8 intake and

For the ultimate in reliability in
especially harsh environments there is
the Ferrea competition plus series. Call
for more information.
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We carry a complete line of both  name
brand and generic rocker studs, guide
plates, valve guide seals and rocker arms
to help you outfit your cylinder head
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