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RHP has made arrangements and now has wholesale dealer
access for Scat, Eagle, canton and AFR products.
Scat stroker "Kits" consisting of a new scat crank (4.3" or 4.5"),
scat "H" beam or eagle "I" beam rods, Probe forged pistons,
clevite bearings and sealed power piston rings starts at $1,350.00.  
Balancing is available at extra cost of $180.00 plus mallory heavy
metal. 164 tooth flexplates and dampers are also available.

RHP can help you assemble the right parts for your specific needs
including a cam kit specced for your unique application and
cylinder heads. Flat tappet cam kits are $550.00 and solid rollers
are $1150.00 Custom grinds are available at no extra cost. Kits
consist of Cam, Lifter, Valve springs, retainer, locks and spring
seat cups.