Ford Dura-spark distributor recurve



The Ford Dura-spark distributor is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to the expensive aftermarket distributors. You can find them for about $52.00 US retail and the recurve spring kits are cheap at about $7.00 US. This recurving operation usually takes me about an hour or less. Just use care with the little parts as they like to migrate out of sight or flip half way across the room.
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Step 1
Remove the two vacuum advance dashpot to main body screws and then the vacuum advance arm to breaker plate pin C clip
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Pull advance dashpot away from main body and pull the arm off of the breaker plate pin
Step 2
Mark reluctor position as there are two slots.

Remove reluctor from upper advance shaft. Use two prybars or large screwdrivers and Do Not pry on the teeth but rather the beefy portion of the reluctor near the center shaft
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Step 3
Remove the two breaker plate to main body retaining screws. Rotate the pick up to gain access. lift off breaker plate.
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Don't feel comfortable doing this yourself? fully remanned and recurved Dura-spark distributors available for $155.70 delivered to your door. Units are individually curved per application using a "Sun" distributor machine. Some 6 cylinder and 5.0 litre units slightly higher
email me for details.